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It's your Life, it's your Story,

make it a Good one. 

I'm Michael. I want to build your Trust.

Estate Planning has never been Easier... 

A Little Planning Grants A Lot Of Peace Of Mind. 

How does a Trust or Estate Plan protect my family during the strange times?

I heard Trusts were expensive and only for the rich? Is that true?

I don't even have a Will, am I ready to have a Trust?

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Protecting Your Family Through Planning.

​​​​​​​I always felt that I didn't have enought "stuff" to make

a Trust. I also didn't want to feel like I was so focused

on material things. Ever feel like that?

I wrote my Will the first day out of law school, but I went years without having a Trust. Until one day, I though it was time to just do it, even though I didn't own a lot.

And a funny thing happend. Once I created a vehicle to hold wealth, I started collecting it. Upon further reflection, the same was true for my clients. Trusts aren't what you get when you are "Rich." A Trust is a plan and vehicle to get there and to stay there. 

Effectively using a Trust in your daily finanical diet brings about a mindset shift. Trusts are much more than asset protection. They give you the confidence to live more; to do more. They set clear expectations and avoid unneeded family conflict. A Trust uninvites the government from your private matters. And a Trust may keep your family out of court at a time when they are hurting most, mourning your loss.

Are you ready to live in Abundance? Let's get started.