Would you ever ask a surgon for essencial oils instead of surgery? No! That's not what they do. 

So why would you run directly to lawyers and the court to start your divorce process expecting peace?

Court should not always be the first step in a divorce.

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to race to court to prove we are right, that we don't stop to think first.

The potential for lasting damage is real.

We have over a decade of experience as divorce litigators, and in court there really aren't winners. Just bigger losers.

But there are alternatives.

Sometimes, all you need is a voice of reason, a coach, to help you get through the experience, and find peace.

You need to know what is at hand, what is at stake, and what your real options are.

We provide several plans to accomplish that.

Michael wrote the book, "Divorcing With Dignity." Find it here​​​​​​​.  

If you are looking for a little more help then the book but are not wanting to hire an attorney yet, divorce coaching or a seminar may be right for you:

1. Session One: We will identify the issues, establish a desicion making paradigm, and help you prepare/answer legal documents to get started right.  

2. Session Two: Need a little more help? Get 2 hours of coaching as you navigate the court system. (Does not include representation or appearances in court.)

3. Session Three: Almost done but need help with your Decree and other Final Documents? We can help. (Does not include representation or appearances in court.)

Why not start here first? If you can find a resolution without ever having to hire an attoreny for traditional representation, why not? If you can't get it done, for whatever reason, the work you have invested in here is easily transferable to an attorney to pick up the ball in court, without having to start the work over. 

Thinking or Facing Divorce ?

Session 1

$ 350

(Does Not Cover Filing Fee)

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Session 2

$ 350

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Session 3

$ 350

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