Living Wills/Trusts

Living Will/Trust

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Don't Leave Your Family Powerless To Act

What Are These?

These are legal documents that have controling interests during your life time. They include:

1. Power(s) of Attorney

You can asign another person to be able to make decisions that you make, on your behalf. These documents can be for a specific reason or they can be rather broad, depending on the kind of conrol that you want to give. 


2. Medical Directives

This is the document that gives another person the power to follow your wishes medical desires, including whether to discontinue life support. A lot of thought goes into preperation of this important document. 

3. Medical Act Privacy Waivers

Even with the above documents, sometimes it is imposible to communicate with the medical community without this document executed and on file. 

These documents are usually prepared with a Will or a Trust but can be purchased seperately.