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There are several reasons why you want a Trust in place today. Here are just a few:

1. Probate: Let's start with the end in mind. When you pass away, the things that you owned have to be "probated" to transfer ownership to your loved ones. This may be the case, even if you are married.

Probate has a purpose, but it's really one last chance for the government to stick it's nose in your private affairs.  

Having a Will is a good idea, but it doesn't avoid Probate.  It only tells the Judge what to do with your leftovers once the probate process is finished.  

A Trust bypasses the need for Probate so all of your life's hard work goes to your family and not to court costs and attorney's fees.  

2. Protection: John Rockefeller once said, "Control everything. Own nothing."

A Trust is a legal entity, like an LLC or a Inc., that can own property in its name. When you create a Trust and transfer your property into it, you essentially own nothing, but have direct control over it and how it is used for your benefit. Trusts have several applications. Consider these two:

- You can work with your tax advisor to pay what is owed, and nothing more.

- You can protect yourself from lawsuits. We live in a world where people sue to get a quick buck. They can't collect anything from you, if you don't own anything.

3. Trusts Are For Rich People:  I used to think I didn't have enough to justify a Trust; that I wasn't rich enough. And I was right.

It wasn't until I changed my mindset and made a Trust that I started building wealth.  You can't lay anything up in store if you don't have a storage unit. 

Rich people utilize Trusts to their full advantage. So it makes sense that if we want to achieve wealth, we should do what the wealthy do too. 

4. Privacy: It is no one's business but your own what you have and how you use it. 

5. Control: You have control in a Trust to ensure that your plans, not just wishes, are carried out. A Trust isn't only based on the amount of property it owns but the degree of control you want over it. For example, think of your Trust as a car. You can put a box in your back seat with or without a seatbelt. Either way the box is in the car, but you are using different controls within the car. 

6. Expandable: A Trust is like building blocks. It is important to start them as soon as possible because the date matters in many cases. But you can start out simple and build up from there over the years.  

7. Children: It is never a good idea to leave property to minor children, or children who aren’t ready to manage wealth. A Trust can both protect your children from unneeded court oversight and help them control and or learn how manage the abundance that you worked so hard to give them.

8. Costs: Aren’t Trusts expensive? Let’s compare a Trust to a car again. Cars range in price depending on the make, model and features you want. We offer affordable options to fit your budget and needs.  

You can get started TODAY with a Standard Trust, made specifically for your State, or if you reside in Utah, you may schedule an appointment with us to talk about a Custom Trust and the available discount. ​​​​​​​

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