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Estate Planning

What is Probate?

Why do we even have it?

What is required?

Why does it take so long?

Why is it so expensive?

Learn what Probate is

and Best of All, How to Skip it! 

Understanding & Avoiding Probate

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You are ready to start your business, or you already have. How should you structure it? What systems should you use to allow your business to grow? Will I survive this?

Invest in your business. You may be surprised what happens next

Business Bootcamp​​​​​​​

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When Do you Need A Trust? What is it? Do you even have enough stuff to justify a Trust?

Yes. Yes you do. If have more than your know. Protect it! 

Start Now Protecting What You Have And What Is Yet To Come.

Trusts 101​​​​​​​

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Ever feel confused when you hear about a Living Will? How is that different from a regualr Will?

Learn more about what it is and how it can protect you and your family from unneeded pain and trama. 

What Is A Living Will?

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This is hard. Learn the tools that will help you, help you. 

No one can promise to make this easier, if they do, they are probably selling something. But you can survive, and even thrive.

Live June 19 at 7 pm and 24 at 12pm.


Surviving Divorce​​​​​​​

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It is time to take control back from the Government. Don't leave your children in the hands of the wrong guardians or worse, the State. Make your plan today to change all of that. 

If you travel for work, you need this for your young family.


Child Protection Plan​​​​​​​


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You know about social media. How do you use it for your business? How do you stay relevant? How do you stay safe? Social media is a powerful tool for your business. Let make it work better for you. 

You Can't Afford Not To Be Online

Using Social Media

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Not ready to plan? Learn what you can do, today, to change all of that. 

If you travel for work, you need this for your young family.

Schedule A Live Event

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You worked hard writing your book. Now you have a contract! You are ready to sign if it means you have made it! Well slow down. Here are the things to consider before you sign. 

Validation Is Not Worth A Bad Contract...Ever.

Understand Your Literary Contract

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Writing Court Room Drama

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Are you writing a court room scene? Find out from the expert. Learn the tricks to capture the drama all around the room. It's there, are you paying attention?

Your Story Is Amazing, Now Make It Accurate.

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So You Wrote A Book?

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From "The End" to "The Sale" How to Build Your Book Business. 

You are ready for this. Learn the skills to launch your old hobby into a new life of passion and fulfilment. You are a Writer! 

Look Out, Steven King, I Am Coming Up!

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