We have been completely underserved in this area of law for far too long. Simply naming a guardian in a Will is insufficient to protect our children. First, consider a Will isn’t effective unless the person is deceased. What happen’s if they are only unavailable or unable to care for their children? There is nothing for the children.

Having MY KIDS KIT™ is a great start. But there is still a better way to plan for your children’s security. 

MY PREMIUM KIDS KIT™ is a stand alone children protection plan to protect a your minor children, with a detailed written plan in place, and kind and nurturing people standing by to raise your children as you would have. 

Create a Child Protection Plan to protect your children from the State or the wrong Guardian(s). One time Offer $600 for $300!

A Child Protection Plan Includes:
1 – Instructions to Caregivers (Trigger);
2 – Temporary Guardian (First Responder);
3 – Instructions to Temporary Guardians;
4 – Nomination of Guardian and or Conservatorship;
5 – Letter(s) to Potential Guardians; 
6 – Confidential Exclusion of Guardian;
7 – Further Instructions to Guardians;
8 – Important Health Information For Our Minor Children;
9 – Power of Attorney for the Care of Minor Children;
10 – Designation of Health Care Agent for Minor Children; and
11 – Letter(s) to Children.

(These products are based on Utah Law, made by a licensed attorney. Purchase does not constitute an attorney client relationship or privilege.)