What Will Or Trust Fits Your Needs Best?


CHANGE how you think about Estate Planning.

It’s not about DYING well, unless you are a Viking. (And if you are Viking, that’s way cool too.) 

Estate Planning is about LIVING your best life. 

It’s your Life, It’s your Story, MAKE it a GOOD one. 

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Here Is Your Ticket:

  1. Download the PDF “My Estate Plan Guide™;
    (Save the PDF to your desktop. Don’t use Google Viewer. It won’t save your work.)
  2. Fill it out as best you can; and
  3. Return it by a share link or email, or send a confirmation that it’s done, to reserve your meeting time. 


you think
“WILL”, Right?

You often see Wills used in Movies, T.V. Shows, and other forms of entertainment. 

Ask yourself, “why?”

Drama makes good stories. WILLS make good drama and court litigation. Do you want to your family to have “drama” or “legacy” after you are gone?

Your Estate, your Legacy, is all the parts of “Your Story?” 

So dream big, and LIVE bigger. Live your BEST Story!

Start by educating yourself with A free 20 Zoom with a real attorney to design the right Estate Plan for you.

Can’t I just Download This Stuff For Free Or Cheaper?

Sure, you can download documents or use a friend’s but unless you know exactly what they will or won’t do for you, that can be dangerous and costly.

At Legal Ink – Estate Planning, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We also aren’t here to sell you the most expensive package. In fact, we aren’t here to SELL you anything. Our mission is to serve you, educate you, provide options, and make the experience as easy as possible.

This type of law office is 20 years in the making… But it will only take you a few hours to build a plan to house your hard work and dreams and start protecting them today!😉

How To Get Started

  • Take Advantage Of Your FREE 20 Minute Zoom With A Real Attorney To Learn More.
    Here Is Your Ticket:
  • Download the PDF “My Estate Plan Guide™;
    (Save the PDF to your desktop. Don’t use Google Viewer. It won’t save your work.)
  • Fill it out as best you can; and
  • Return it by a share link or email, or send a confirmation that it’s done, to reserve your meeting time. 

 I Don’t Have An “Estate” To Plan For.

That’s okay.  Planning is not just about the “stuff.”  The goal is to make a plan to help you create your wealth, allow it to grow, and then protect it.

If you have question and want answer—you are in the right place.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and families, from all walks of life, 

and we are excited to serve you too. 

Ready to protect your family and live your best Life?
(Um, OF COURSE you are!)

Hi, I'm Michael S. Glassford.


I’m a licensed estate planning attorney in Utah and Missouri. For the last two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and business owners helping them protect their families, their hard work, and their story. I believe that being prepared, legally, is the best offense. And it’s the same with effective Estate Planning. 

If you are not ready for a full Estate Plan but want something simple in place, let’s talk about 

“Why Do I Need A Will?” 

  • As you live your story you accumulate property and your family grows. 
  • When you die someone has to transfer that property and the care of your minor children (if they are still young) to the people you love and trust.
  • It takes a Judge, in Probate Court, to do it for you. 
  • Your Will is the directions for the Judge to follow.
  • Otherwise, the State tells the Judge what to do for you and your family…. 

You don’t need tons of time to make this happen. 

Actually, “tons of time” is kind of the opposite idea here.

The name of the game with MY WILL KITTM  is speed and simplicity

And of course, peace of mind.

Starting at $400

If you feel ready to take the next step, Let’s Talk About Trusts.

A Trust is one of many vehicles to wealth that you need in place to ARRIVE.

Trusts are right for any—yes, any—type of individual or family. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, with or without children, A TRUST is for you. But what kind of Trust do you need?


Creating your Trust can be a powerful way to empower your loved ones should something happen to you. Far too often we skip planning at this stage of life and should the worst happen, our families are unprepared.

Or even worse, the wrong people may benefit from your hard work.

In A Relationship

Are in a relationship or married? It matters when it comes to Estate Planning. Regardless, you owe it to each  other to be ready. Often the surviving partner struggles to deal with everything, everyone, and all the emotions that come with the loss of you. They also stand to lose everything if things are not in place correctly.  

Don’t let that be your legacy.

Have Children?

Leaving minor children without a guardian or a plan in place to take care of property is a perpetual lawsuit waiting to happen that lasts until the youngest child turns 18. And sometimes even longer.

Make sure that your children are protected, by the right plan and the right guardian(s).

Just because the world is social-distancing doesn’t mean we are safe from everything that might happen.

But… it might mean you NEED TO SEE things differently. In a different goal… in a different urgency… or even in a different priority.

Estate Planning allows you to create a gateway to peace of mind so that no matter what comes next, you are ready. That way you can live to the fullest rather than sheltering from the unknown.

Yep! That’s what I said —and I meant it! 

Planning is a GREAT way to start living again. The real question is why wouldn’t you want to do that? 

I mean, who wants to live beneath their potential anymore…

Revocable Living Trust.

...to create a simple but powerful trust to protect your family...

Declaration of Trust.

...let the world be on notice...

Certification of Trust.

...this serves as your 'title' so you don't have to share your private Trust information...

Pour Over Will.

...this type of will is your back up. It' has your six just in case you missed putting something into the Trust...

Durable Power of Attorney.

...often called a Living Will, this is part of it, and allows those you trust to act as if they were you, when you can't...

Heath Care Directive and HIPAA documents.

...Have your choices followed, even when you can't communicate for yourself. It's your body, your choice. Make sure it stays that way...

Burial and Final Instructions.

...let your family know what's in place and what you'd like to have happen...

Instructions for Agents.

...You are depending on people to follow your choices, give them an idea of how to do it...

30 Minute Zoom with your preparing attorney.

...A real, local, practicing Utah Attorney...

“Okay,” you are saying, “Now we are in to the expensive stuff, right?”

Yes—sort of—traditionally a Trust like this would cost you


You Won’t Pay That Here.

THIS IS IMPORTANT—we are not a .COM service. We are real attorneys providing you traditional planning at a fraction of the cost.

Need more information?
These videos will help. 

  • What Is A Trust & Why Do I Need One?
  • What Is The True Cost Of Probate?
  • What Does A Trust Protect?
  • Who Is A Trust For?
  • Are Trusts Private?
  • What Can A Trust Control?
  • Can I Change My Trust?
  • What About My Minor Children?
  • The Cost?
  • Getting Started?

No one alive today has gone through what we’re all going through right now, and no one has the monopoly on how to perfectly handle this uncertain situation. 

BUT here are a few things that are certain: 
– People are still Living.
People still go outside (and your products and services). 
– People still have the same risks they had before the pandemic.
– Those risks still need protection in place, i.e., your Will and estate plan. 
– And while your current situations keep you from going out as much… You may feel even more compelled to ensure that things are in order so your family is protected—in this unusual time.  

While also taking back control from an ever-growing government.
And if that’s where you are, I want to help you.

You don’t need a fancy attorney’s office, a huge budget, or an un-friendly .com/1-800 product.

You just need Legal Ink – Estate Planning.

We’ll help you every step along the way. In a few hours or less, depending on your choices and schedule.

Your family needs this. Nay, your family deserves this. (Ok, you need it, too.)

You’re ready to LIVE better (After all, the average millionaire has an estate plan working for them… so get on it! 😉) 

You are more than ready to add a plan to protect your family from court and conflict. You’re over your family having to depend on the government… and you suspect the time to pivot is now. If you’re ready to pivot … 

You’re ready for Legal Ink – Estate Planning

What they’re saying about Legal Ink – Estate Planning
and Michael Glassford?


What if I’m not tech-savvy?

Great! You don’t need to be. Can you check an e-mail? Download a PDF? And going a Zoom call? We try to make this easy for you, and better yet, fast! Soon, you’ll have a plan and know what’s next to protect your family! #peaceofmind

What if I’m already too busy with kids at home full-time and barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

As a dad with homeschooling teenagers, I feel you. But you don’t need hours upon hours to put this together. Do what you can, when you can. And our meetings are on Zoom so no traveling, no offices, no worries. You got this!

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of these products  —and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds. But you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope! Check out our Facebook page and website for more verification. Depending on where we are in My Trust Kit™a refund may be available depending the circumstances. 

Will MY WILL KITTM help me create my entire estate plan?

Nope! Better than that. MY WILL KITTM is a tiny digital product that you can use in next to no time with next to no technical skills. 

When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access, quickie workshop, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes. So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though my vote is for starting sooner rather than later!)

What if I have zero stuff and zero family?

Totally fine! You don’t plan on staying that way, right? You will accumulate wealth as your life goes on and people you love and share it with. You don’t need those things to get started. You just need to… start! 

How do I start?

A good question with an easy answer: Click on the option that you feel most comfortable with and follow the path! 

Create your Estate Plan today and
give yourself the peace of mind you are ready for—you need it. 

If you have any questions, please contact us here: