Success!! You Purchased Your Trust Review Package

Naturally, you have questions for me about your Estate Plan and possible changes. Once I have reviewed your documents I will have questions for you. To help make best use of our time together please consider the following:

  • E-mail me your documents to review or send a link as soon as possible. In your e-mail let me know your concerns and the changes you are thinking about making. 
  • Also, make sure you download, the “My Estate Plan Guide” [[[HERE]]] 
  • and send it back to within 48 hours of the meeting date and time you scheduled.  
  • Fill it out as best you can. Use sections 3 and 4 to indicate the desired changes to your estate plan team. If there are no changes to a specific section, leave it blank. 
  • At our meeting I will have report on what I have found and give you several options to consider to update your estate plan as you see fit. 

I am looking forward to talking with you to help protect your family and plan an abundant life! 

Talk soon,